9 famous YouTubers share their daily life stories

Xiaxue on her infamous clip that was deleted by MDA:

“I was quite surprised when they took down the video, to be honest because I’ve seen way more racy content being broadcasted on TV. It was deemed inappropriate by MDA and I had to take it down but got a lot of publicity from it.”

Fun fact: Xiaxue transitioned from being a teenage blogger to a mother, and now her kid’s getting more fame than her. Baby celeb alert!

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Tyler Oakley on his lilac dyed hair:

“I go to a professional now, but I used to bleach it myself and it’ll look terrible. So now I get them to bleach it and tone it a colour. I’m about to get a new colour done soon but don’t know what I’m going to get next.”  

Fun Fact: Tyler’s 25 now but he’ll tell his 18-year-old self not to think so much about what everyone thought of him and to let go and have fun. That’s some pretty good advice there y’all.

Joseph Germani on his YouTube collaborations:

“My YouTube channel is highly driven by collaborations. It’s really great to have a community to work with rather than doing it yourself because you get more inspired to create great content. In the future, hopefully, we see more of such collaborations.”

Fun fact: His recent “Monchichi” music video was to poke fun at the K-Pop music culture. He’s such a tease!

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