9 famous YouTubers share their daily life stories

Troye Sivan on his film and YouTube career:

“Acting is something that’s pretty much in other people’s hands but YouTube is 100 per cent yourself and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Eventually, I want it to get to the point where one can help out the other.”

Fun fact: Troye’s got really bendy fingers – and we’ve seen it to believe it. 

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Tosh Rock on his career path:

“Initially my parents were very afraid about my future when they saw me being very passionate about YouTube because they didn’t see it as a practical career path in Singapore but when I got auditioned for Ah Boys to Men, they stopped judging me.”

Fun fact: He was actually part of a breakdancing group called Radikal Forze.

Dee Kosh on straddling his MediaCorp day job and YouTube hobby:

“I’m very opinionated but I draw the line on what I can say on radio as compared to on YouTube. I sort of separate myself into two people – the Dee Kosh on radio that’s really nice and a verbal person on YouTube.

Fun fact: He’s got a Gangnam Style parody called Singapore Style on his YouTube site, which we wish we never watched.

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