Asus unveils an array of tech devices, and all the other news you missed

We look at all the new tech that was launched at Computex 2014

It’s the month of all things tech. we’re currently in the midst of everything E3, while last week was all about Computex 2014. Plenty of products and announcements were made at the event in Taipei, and what better way to review them than to consolidate some into our weekly round-up.

Asus had many devices in its pipeline

Asus went all out in launching its tech gear at Computex 2014. It nosedived into the gaming space with the release of its GX500 and ROG GR8 units, ripped off the wrappers to a whole new line of tablets – which includes the Fonepad 7 and 8 – as well as the tablet/laptop/smartphone hybrid (Transformer Book V) along with the insanely sleek and slim Zenbook NX500.

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Acer moves into the wearables space

Acer wants to prove that it’s not just all about laptops and desktops. It wants to be on par with other tech giants and to prove so, it’s forayed into the smart wearables tech space with the unveiling of its Liquid Leap smartwatch. It might be a step in the right direction for Acer, but has it got what it takes to stand out amongst the wearable crowd?

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HP introduces a new crop of laptops

Even though HP’s been facing a dwindling PC business, its fighting spirit is evidently strong, especially with the launch of a number of new laptops (including the SlateBook PC, a pimped up 13.3in Pavilion x360, and a revamped Chromebook 11) that seem to be fit for the Olympics – they literally bend over backwards or split in half.

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The possibilities are endless for Intel’s Edison

Intel gave us a sneak peek into the world of technologies that can possibly be derived from Intel’s Edison (a micro-computer) that it launched at CES 2014. Smart clothing, real-time wearable respiratory sensors, smart bracelets, or even any other type of smart wearable accessories could be something we see in the near future.

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Dell powers up its Venue 7 and 8 with Android

Android lovers, shriek with joy – there are two more Android powered tablets to choose from. Dell’s made available its Venue 7 and 8 tablets with Android. It will specifically run on KitKat, and will feature a range of other functionalities. The only drawback - the new tablets pack dual core processors as compared to the quad cored power of the Windows-powered tablets.

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