8 old-school tech that you'll never get to use again in Singapore

You never knew you missed these old-fashioned tech friends till they're gone

They stuck around faithfully while we shopped for their replacements. Hoarders will find them in a musty corner of their rooms while the rest of us must dig into the recesses of our minds to remember the fleeting moments we've spent with them. We take a minute to honour the fallen in this space amongst the new. 


Farewell neon-texted information, it’s been a good run. Since 1983, we had to rely on entering numbers in the hundreds into this system to retrieve lottery results, entertainment schedules for the day and even stock information. Then it became an option and got onto the net with the cool kids in 1999 but failed to make itself stick in the fast-paced world of tech.

Sorry folks, you won't get eyefuls of text from your TV sets anymore, Teletext has been retired since 30 September 2013. Rest in peace Teletext, you’ve had a good run.

Alternative: Everywhere else, the years haven’t been kind to our old friend.

[Image source: Teletext]

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