8 iPhone camera secret features to use on World Photo Day

Tip #6 Stay focused

Imagine this: You focus your photo only to change your mind and try to reframe it from another angle and refocus. Nope, still doesn't look right. Repeat process. By the time you've decided, the scene you were trying to capture in the first place might have changed.

Solution: Few might know this, but all you have to do is tap and hold the focus to maintain the exposure and focus while you experiment with reframing the shot. The yellow square should flash a couple of times before bringing up the yellow bar that says AE/AF lock. Saves you the trouble and time of having to refocus every time you switch it up.

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Tip #7 Panoramas from any point

Imagine this: You're about to shoot a panorama of the landscape before you but panning from left to right is not going to be possible because of the obstacle on your right. Bummer.

Solution: Did you know you can switch sides of your panorama just by tapping either side to change up the origin? It doesn’t always have to pan from left to right. And if you want a certain subject to be the focus of the panorama, you can lock the focus just by tapping and holding that spot on the photo.

The panorama is further perfected by the phone’s internal intelligence to maintain consistent exposure for perfect highlights without washing out the shadows. So it doesn’t matter if part of your panorama is in the shade, it will still turn out perfect.

Tip #8 Sharing with fellow iPhone-tographers

Imagine this: the family's on holiday, but everyone's busy taking their own photos on their iPhone. Somehow, mum took a better picture of the same landscape, and you'd rather use that picture for Facebook or Instagram.

Solution: You can share your photostreams (all photos within a moment or selected ones only) across all iDevices, and even collaborate via iCloud or AirDrop. The camera automatically puts your taken photos in categories called moments which keeps details of when your photo was taken. Now, different members of the family can all contribute to the same holiday album for you not to miss out on a single moment.

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