8 secret iPhone camera features to use on World Photo Day

Tip #3 Take stills while recording video

Imagine this:  You come across a particularly photogenic moment while filming, mentally marking that moment in your head, and then promptly forgetting it and burning the rest of your day trying to find it in your entire reel of footage later.

Solution: Snap while you shoot video. Note that familiar shutter button next to the red recording one? That’s the one you tap to get your stills mid-video which are automatically saved to your camera roll.

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Tip #4 Natural skin tone in pictures

Imagine this: You take a photo at night with the flash activated, only to look back at it and realise the flash has created a harsh white light that blinds your subject while washing it out at the same time.

Solution: Knowing the problems that come with a single flash, the iPhone 5S' camera utilises a cool LED alongside a warm one to create even lighting. To make the most of the tech, you should use the volume button as the shutter button to prevent the flash from bouncing off your fingers for the most natural skin tones.

You can also activate the flash when you’re shooting a video. Just look to the top left hand corner and click on the flash icon.

Tip #5 Slapping on a filter is a reversible process

Imagine this: The filter options that are available to users in the iPhone's camera app are a much welcomed addition. But what if you decide a photo looks the best in its original state after your mopey black and white mood passes? 

Solution: You can go back in time, well, sort of. Apple’s filters are non-destructive so if you change your mind after applying a filter, you can tap edit again and it will give you the option of taking it off by applying the No Filter option. Ahh, sweet redemption. So go on and filter your photos without a care since they’re not permanent.

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