8 hurdles preventing Singapore from becoming a tech utopia

Other than these hiccups, we're pretty okay on the technology front

We've heard the term "technological progress" so often, we don't even bat an eyelid when someone says it, let alone question if it's true.

But if you had, you'd realise that technology isn't about progress all the time. It's never smooth, and for every three steps forward, we take one step back. And then get stuck for a really long time.

Think about it, if there really were progress, we'd be on the doorsteps of utopia by now.

Here are eight hurdles that are actually pitfalls bringing us closer to tech dystopia.

1. Ridiculously short battery life

Moore's Law might have posited that computing power doubles every 18 months. But he never posited anything about battery power, because whatever progress has been made there has flat-lined for sure.

Smartphones and tablets these days have to be powered by external power sources. Portable power banks are becoming as ubiquitous as mobile devices.

Therefore, all the computing power in the world is of no use, as and when the juice runs dry.

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2. External hard drives that self-immolate

In the military, there is a saying: Two is one and one is none.

This means having back-up is essential, and not having any back-up is as good as throwing yourself off a cliff.

Imagine feeling completely secure that you have backed up all your data on an external hard drive, so every single last datum can be retrieved at your fingertips without having to access the cloud.

And then one fine day you wake up to find your hard drive acting out and then becoming completely unresponsive. Great, now what?

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