The Red Army: Xiaomi's Redmi and 7 other revolutionary Chinese smartphones

Who says the Chinese are just copycats?

Smartphone makers, it’s time to innovate or be left in the wake of the Chinese smartphone junk torpedoing through.

Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo have put China on the map with their innovative approach to smartphone creation, unlike the others - we shan’t name names - content with churning out replicas with a minimal bump in specs year after year.

Here are eight phones that will pull the rug out from under those resting on their laurels. Embrace the revolution.

Oppo N1

Why bother putting two cameras in a phone when you can just use a single rotating sharp shooter? For a selfie-obsessed society, this shifty 13-megapixel innovation couldn’t come quick enough. Now your front-facing shots can look just as good as those taken from the back. Unless you look better from the back, that is.

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