7 ingenious indie games to tide you through the AAA gaming drought

Starbound (PC, US$14.99, Paid Beta/Early Access)

Imagine Minecraft in 2D with a Star Trek route: that’s Starbound in a nutshell.

You control a lone explorer visiting an infinite number of planets with extraterrestrial dungeons. These range from heavenly-looking landscapes littered with pretty alien trees to the insides of a cave filled with multitudes of giant brains. Some playthroughs also contain a medieval castle in the middle of nowhere with knights as bad guys.

The game specializes in rewarding adventurous players with random collectibles that lets players build whatever they want to their heart’s content.

While still in early beta form, the game has earned a huge following, earning mods from the growing community.

A patch is on the way to add in permadeath mode, in case you want your galaxy quest to be spiced up with huge risks.

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