7 ingenious indie games to tide you through the AAA gaming drought

The Banner Saga (PC, US$24.99)

Set in a Viking legend-themed world where humans and horned giants Varl co-exist, players control various heroes, uprooting their caravans to combat a looming new threat.

Gameplay comes in two parts. First, you'll be managing your food supply while keeping morale up through tough decisions in random situations. Results from your decisions could gain you supplies via morally-questionable situations or a permanent loss of a party member.

The second part is a turn-based combat scenario ala X-Com: Enemy Unknown and Final Fantasy Tactics. The gameplay utilises a strength and armor mechanic that rewards the cautiously aggressive strategist.

Did we forget to mention that it’s gorgeous to look at? For fans of George R.R. Martin’s grey morals storytelling, presented in the medieval-influenced style of Disney’s Eyvind Earle, this is the interactive experience you’re looking for.

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