6 amazing (and almost impossible) iPhone 6 concepts we wished were real

If only the next iPhone could look as good as these theoretical designs that are beyond our wildest imagination

The iPhone was the one smartphone that made the rest cool, although Nokia deserves the credit for introducing the world to smartphones.

Never mind that we can almost picture what the new iPhone looks like in our minds with all the leaks. While we wait for the latest iteration to make its debut, here are the crazy concepts that we wish would be made real one day.

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By JohnnyPlaid

This concept does away with the bezels and takes the display right to the edge. But it’s not all good looks with this design. The display, called the Retina 2, is incredibly practical given that it proposes a graphene protective cover layered on top of all those pretty pixels. The said material is virtually unbreakable so all those images of phones with the spidery cracks across them will be a thing of the past.

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