6 tips for kick ass Instagram pics from Photo Face Off star Justin Mott

Wanna be less hipster and more pro with the "everyone can be a photographer" point-and-shoot app? Read on - this article's for you

Instagram's not only great for 'food porn' - smart photographers use it to make money too, like leading snapper Justin Mott. He shot a whole project for a client using just a smartphoneInstagram and his thumb. Exclusively for Stuff, he reveals his top tips for taking kick-ass Instagram shots.   

(All images via Justin Mott)


Interesting light makes for interesting pictures. And Instagram is great for highlighting images with beautiful light. Learn to recognise gorgeous light and begin the hunt for light patterns and shadows. Then be patient and wait for something interesting to happen. Break the rules and don't be afraid to shoot directly into the light.

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Great tips! Just want to share also a few tip on how to get more likes and followers in instagram:

- Get more likes on your pictures by using hash tags.

- You get more followers if you have bright, colorful, fun pictures. But not too many!

- The more artsy and unique you make your pictures, the more people will want to follow you. Try using some of the cool features to edit your picture.







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