Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps

6. Love Out Loud Asia: Quality not quantity?

While most dating apps are good for the amount of choice served up on a daily basis, Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) does the opposite. It only gives you one option. Per day. So for some, it seems that having a single quality match beats 100 weak ones. And for added anticipation, LOLA only shows you your matches at noon. Oh, the match isn't your bag? Tough, because that’s your match of the day, and you’re left hanging until tomorrow for another.

Extra costs: US$1 (S$1.30) to US$50 (S$64) for points
Pros: Quality over quantity // less time consuming
Cons: One profile image only - pay to see more

Get it here for iOS and here for Android

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