Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps

Tick, tock, still no date for February 14th? There's hope yet, with the help of these dating apps big in Singapore now

You’re single. And quite frankly, gadgets can’t give you all the love you need this Valentine’s Day. So here are the best dating apps to help you get lucky. Or at least have fun trying. Our criteria? Fun, easy to use, and mostly free. 

1. Tinder: Swipe, favourable thumb

Tinder has taken the world by storm. If you’re 'in the market' and haven’t heard of it, you're definitely not looking hard enough.

Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps - 1. Tinder: Swipe, favourable thumb 2

Load it up, let it work out your location and shazam - a load of snapshots to flick through. Swipe left if you're not interested, and right if you are. Talk about judging a book by its cover. But at least you can view more pictures and see their interests and shared mates if they've logged in with Facebook. That makes you feel a touch less shallow - until you start swiping again. 

Then you wait. And wait. And if you're not very successful like us, wait a little longer. Because you can only start chatting when someone you like also swipes you to the right. We nearly gave up, but bagged a few matches and are currently flirting like there's no tomorrow. 

Extra costs: Your pride when it turns out nobody likes you
Pros: Easy to setup and use // heaps of fun // mostly genuine users // good banter 
Cons: Limited profile deets // being silenced until someone matches you back

Get it here for iOS and here for Android

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