Still sexy at 50: Every Stuff Singapore mag cover for your eyes only

The 50th issue of Stuff Singapore is just about to drop. So for a treat, we've gathered every cover in one place for you and your friends to devour. Answer the question at the end to win a year-long subscription of the world's best selling gadget mag

50 great Stuff Singapore magazine covers since 2010. Do we need to say more? Enjoy!

Words by Tein Hee Seow and Elissa Loi

January / February 2010

Our very first issue, and boy was it a bumper. Wait, is that a BlackBerry we spy on the cover? How the mighty have fallen.

March 2010

Generous, aren’t we, letting our readers choose between two covers for our March 2010 issue. iPads versus netbooks, and we know how that turned out. Farewell, netbooks.

April / May 2010

It’s all about smartphones, and what did we get our grubby mitts on? Google’s very first Nexus phone.

All that jazz about smartwatches? We nailed that down in May 2010. Thank you, awesome crystal ball.

June / July 2010

Football fever hits Singapore! And whatever happened to 3D cameras? Gone with the wind. 3D TVs might be next.

Remember the Nokia N8? Symbian? No? Looks like that guitar is the only thing that survived through the years.

August / September 2010

It’s war! Seriously, how many gadget magazines out there show you cool military tech, and places to reload and shoot some bullets? We do.

Fast cars and tech. It can only be the F1 night race in Singapore. Did you hear, retro is in. And it still is.

October / November 2010

Did someone tell you recently how gaming will no longer be the same? We did that, way back in our October 2010 issue. Also, Google’s Android army set its sights on Apple’s iPhone 4.

Remember the top 100 apps we featured? Take a look at your smartphone and see how many are still there.

December 2010 / January 2011

Ho, ho, ho! It’s the ultimate Christmas gift guide that saved your hide during the annual last-minute Christmas shopping. Cover girl not included.

Democracy for the win - your votes decided the gadgets of 2010, and won them a worthy mention in Stuff’s coveted Gadget Awards.

February / March 2011

Slim, sexy and so smooth, every geek wants to caress them. Oh come on, we were eyeing Apple’s ultra thin and light notebooks in this cover.

Two is better than one, right? So, for our one-year anniversary, two beauties graced our cover for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

April / May 2011

It came, it wowed, and it was gone. Smartphones with 3D displays had so much potential, but in the end, it was just a novelty. Pity.

The fabled PlayStation phone. Second-gen iPad. We had so many gadgets to play with. Not even our sizzling hot cover girl could distract us from all the tech toys.

June / July 2011

3D. Meh, the 3D hype was for naught. Oh, but that Mercedes concept A-class is a real beauty.

Hot chick on a bike. Enough said. No wait, one more thing. If you bought the BlackBerry PlayBook because we recommended it, our apologies.

August / September 2011

We did an issue about Google Android. Spot the irony in this cover.

Nonetheless, we played nice with all platforms. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, even webOS. But, reality bites, we know where most of the top 100 apps are found - iOS and Android.

October / November 2011

Who would have thought that something as simple as a music player could change the world? Here’s a hint, it starts with an i.

We just can’t get enough of tablets. Pity about QWERTY smartphones though, they gave us some great years.

December 2011 / January 2012

Red and green. Perfect colours for the Christmas season. And we were resigned to the fact that there’s no iPhone 5 for 2011.

You know you’re old if you remember the days when a Blackberry phone made it into the list of Superphones…

February / March 2012

While many of the gadgets listed here have spawned offspring that made it into today, we’re glad Sony ditched that clamshell monstrosity that’s the Tablet P (P for perhaps-we-didn’t-think-this-through?).

We celebrated our third anniversary with the ever candid actress/singer Makiyo who spilled the beans on her gaming habits. Points if your sharp eyes spotted the flock of Wrenz speakers at her feet. 

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April / May 2012

Featuring the iPad 3, Nikon D800, and the Sony Xperia S. We’re onto the Z1 already. My, how time flies.

While it’s obvious that better tech has emerged since this issue, that Red Bull Stratos jump has yet to be topped. How fitting is it that you should watch it on what’s arguably one of the best screens still - the Retina display?

June / July 2012

Hey look, a 3D TV from LG. How did we not see 4K and bendy screens coming our way? Oh right, we were too distracted by the novelty of 3D.

To celebrate the London Olympic Games, we put Brit cyclist Mark Cavendish on the cover. If only we could look half as dashing carrying a bike over our shoulders, sigh.

August 2012

Geeks are cool, especially if they read Stuff. What’s that in the corner? iOS 6? Look how things have changed. But one thing remains - geeks are still cool. Hell yeah.  

September 2012

We pit the foundation of all the tech you know against one another in an epic Google vs Microsoft vs Apple cover war. Guess who won? (Hint: Rhymes with Snapple)

October / November 2012

We’re pretty sure the ThinkPad X1 Carbon has been dethroned from its lightest-ultrabook throne by now but the knack for naming Android devices uncreatively still remains king.

To mark the premiere of the highly anticipated Bond movie Skyfall, there’s no candidate more suitable to grace our cover than Daniel Craig himself. Slathered in between our pages that month was also a generous spread of the most craveable Bond gear. 

December 2012 / January 2013

Windows refreshes itself with version 8, begins touchscreen laptop and hybrid wave, and changes our Windows experience forever. For better or for worse? We can’t exactly decide.

We delve deeper into Microsoft’s newest baby - Windows 8. Who knew that not too far down the road, there’d be Windows 8.1? Also, Singapore’s best apps explored!

February / March 2013

The Oculus Rift? Still very much a thing, and steadily working its way up to VR gaming world domination. Believe the hype.

Celebrity blogger Dawn Yang celebrates our third birthday with us as we explore the spoils of CES 2013 including the Fitbit Flex as well as LG and Samsung’s curved screens (still). 

April / May 2013

As time has proven, the Z10 is not Blackberry’s big comeback. We’re still waiting for that miracle to happen...

We predict what the long-awaited iWatch will be like based on what’s already in the market. Ironically, it still hasn’t surfaced, but rest assured that we’ve got our eyes out. A watch that's not on time, hmmm.

June / July 2013

We braved the PC Show crowd to meet our readers and also thoughtfully picked out some of the best buys along the way, so you won’t have to kill your legs walking through all that floorspace.

Xbox One, check. Jaguar F-Type, check. Google Glass, check. This issue had some of the sexiest gadgets that have since aged well into 2014. 

August / September 2013

Hello iOS7 and dustbin-shaped Mac Pro. It’s a real pleasure to make your acquaintance. In that same vein, PS4, make yourself comfortable since it’s going to take the Xbox One some time to show up.

Still right on the money about connected homes and 3D printers, but we guess not a lot changes in five months, even when everything moves at the speed of tech.

October / November / December 2013

If there was ever any doubt about tech’s role in advancing society, this issue will clear it right up.

The iPhone 5S - the greatest iPhone to ever live (until later this year, of course). But cast your eyes downwards and you’ll realise we’re not exactly in Camp Apple.

Valve breaks out its potentially game-changing Steam Box which we now know as the Steam Machine. The verdict’s still out…

January 2014

We begin the year in a big way - literally - with the biggest issue of Stuff ever. Sandwiched within was a guide to teching up your home and our time-honoured tradition of awarding the techmakers in 2013 who deserved nods.

February 2014

We predict what’s going to be huge this year so you can stay ahead of the curve and impress your friends with your geeky knowledge. Also, take this year to play through 100 of the best games ever. Thank us later. We don't take cash, just credit. 

March 2014

Congratulations on making it all the way to the 50th cover and 4 years of Stuff. Fay Hokulani graces this year’s anniversary issue and we’ve got a heck of a story to tell about wearable tech in Singapore.


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