5 up-and-coming gadgets that'll make Singapore proud at IFA 2014

X-Mini Clear, Duet, TouchPico are just some of the new tech toys making waves in the international gadget pool

The spirit of patriotism has barely evaporated from our bodies with the passing of National Day, and we’ve got yet more local tech companies we’re proud to call home grown. To make that flag-waving mood last a little longer, here are five new exciting gadgets from Singapore expected to debut on stage at IFA 2014.


Bit of an absent-minded Joe? The time wasted ransacking your house to find your keys is now a distant memory with the Duet. Attach the Bluetooth tag to anything you don’t want to lose (preferably inanimate objects), and when you can’t find them, just hit buzz on the Protag app. What's next? Follow the sound to your misplaced item, or have the app immediately notify you if you’ve left something behind. Works the other way around too by overriding your phone’s silent mode when you activate the Duet. Tracks up to 10 different Duets so it’s basically foolproof unless you lose all 10 and your phone at the same time.

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