5 superheroes that deserve to be in the spotlight

Radioactive man and Bart man, the father-son duo

We can’t pick one over the other; Radioactive man and Bart man come hand-in-hand. Yes, they’re actually derived from Homer and Bart Simpson. Now, some of you might think why they’re on the list since the Simpsons is such a huge hit. It’s like this – Itchy and Scratchy get so much recognition, so why shouldn't these two?

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Blue Beetle, the crime fighter

Just as Superman hides behind the role of a reporter, the Blue Beetle (in the originals) was the cop version of him. Only difference, Superman got his powers from another planet, while the Blue Beetle has to take a dose of Vitamin 2X for super energy. Throughout the years, the Blue Beetle has taken on many forms, and we think he’s worthy enough to be on his own show/movie.

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