5 reasons to lust after the Audi A3 Sedan

Yes, even with the exorbitant car prices in Singapore, there’s still good reason why you can consider the German automobile maker’s latest four-door sedan

Are we crazy, to suggest that you should even consider the Audi A3 Sedan that costs nearly S$200,000?

We most certainly are. But hey, if you can afford to pay 50% of the car loan upfront and drive Audi’s latest 2014 model, then we are giving you five reasons why you should turn up for the Chinese New Year festivities in this swanky new automobile.

122 horsepower, 1.4l = COE Category A

Face it, COE prices won’t plunge for the next couple of months. If you’re eyeing a premium car, but unable to stomach the crazy S$79,000 COE (based on January 2014) for a Category B (1600cc and above) car, here’s the way out. This 1.4 TFSI, 122bhp family-friendly sedan is placed under Category A. Judging from the S$72,290 COE premium for Cat A vehicles, the A3 will most likely be priced even lower during the next COE bidding.

Huge boot space - perfect for a body or two

Golfers, this is the car for you. Its spacious boot, based on our estimate, can comfortably hold two golf bags. Three, if you stack one on top of the other two. You could even fit a body or two in the trunk and still have sufficient wiggling room.

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Knockdown rear seats

Hatchbacks have always been the preferred choice for drivers who want knockdown seats to increase storage capacity. Even with its massive boot space, the A3 added knockdown seats to create more storage space for families. Biking fanatics, you can even fit your mountain bike into the A3 once the seats are laid flat.

Audi’s most fuel-efficient vehicle yet

This is perhaps the most fuel-efficient sedan in Audi’s garage. On paper, you can clock 5l of petrol per 100km, giving you at least 800km of mileage based on a full tank of 40l. Fuel costs aside, you’ll be paying less visits to the petrol kiosk and spending more time cruising on the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), that is, if traffic isn’t being a pain in the ass.

The bare minimum, with the right features

This isn’t your top-of-the-line Audi automobile. Though the A3 lacks fancy features such as lane assist or cameras to monitor the car’s environment, the basics more than satisty. A multifunction sports steering wheel with shift paddles, anti-glare rearview mirror and comfortable leather seats exist to provide you with a comfortable ride.

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