7 smart accessories that make geeks look cool

These clever tech trinkets are so good-looking, they put the 'hand' in 'handsome'

Wearable tech can be kind of geeky-looking, swaying users between wanting to show them off and needing to hide them in shame at the same time. But the smart accessories - ranging from activity trackers to smartphone companions - we've kindly rounded up ooze so much style and substance you'll be fending off glances, and not of the judgemental sort for once. So here they are: seven of the finest options for your hands.

NFC Ring

Step into the future of discreetly opening car doors with a wave of your hand and ditch tech gear that resemble obtrusive robot limbs. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, owning the one ring to rule them all is looking to be a near reality.

This beautifully thin ring sells itself with its design - it doesn’t even bother embellishing itself (or its name for that matter). Unlock your front (NFC-enabled) door or device by palming (and we don’t mean to stealthily make off with them) the ring with it. However, we wouldn’t recommend that you go round telling everyone about this cool new tech, you might end up missing a few digits in a house heist.

Best thing? You'll never have to charge it. Hallelujah.

Jawbone Up

While most pieces of wearable tech are clearly geared at men with their chunky bodies and sombre colours, the Jawbone Up is one of the cheeriest gadgets to ever grace our wrists. Sporting a ton of colours ranging from the manly onyx to peppermint green, the twisty tracker looks right at home on your wrist and suits every social occasion.

Apart from easily passing off as a fashion accessory, the resilient wristband is not as delicate as your average piece of wimpy jewellery. If you're the sort who likes to down your sarnies in the pool, the water-resistant watch will continue to observe your eating habit.

And if you should doze off, the wristband senses the right moment in your sleep cycle to gently buzz you awake. Awww, how thoughtful.

Misfit Shine

The best thing about the Misfit Shine is that it doesn’t come fixed on a single accessory to force you to take a, ahem, shine to its style. Pin this little metallic button on your lapel, wear it round your neck, or even attach it to your sneakers to monitor your sleep and activity rates (or lack thereof).

Contrary to what its name suggests, you’ll be in with the inner fashion circle with this. It comes with a whole line of accessories from a clasp to a leather band to be worn as a badge or a watch.

As stylish as it may be, the Shine still needs a load of features to give it a leg up above the usual activity tracker crowd. But if you’re the magpie sort, you should be content with how this subtly-glinty device operates.

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Even with the hordes of smartwatches hot on its heels, Pebble gets our vote as the looker of the lot.

Perhaps it’s in the way it’s unapologetically simple. Or the fact that if you don’t like its standard rubber strap, it’s not too proud to let you slip in a strap of your choice, you picky pickle. Whatever the reason may be, it proves that less is more.

The best thing about this little piece of techwear is that it’s open source which means we’ll be seeing a whole load of apps and watchfaces to come. Future smartwatch makers (we’re looking at you, Sony), please take your cues.

Still undecided? Our time with the Pebble will convince you that it seriously rocks.

Ring Clock

Telling time may not be rocket science, but this tiny thin clock on your fingers makes checking the time a real joy. Maybe it’s the way the numbers glow like alien hieroglyphics, but there’s just something deliciously science fiction about the clock ring. And we’re completely fascinated by how it makes tech seem more fashionable than geeky.

It may not be packing the most forward of abilities, but it showcases how far tech has come in the most subtle ways - the super thin battery, environmentally-friendly LED lights and wireless charging capabilities.

On the flipside, there’s something distinctly morbid about the use of a ticking LED light to remind us that our lives are running out. Tick. Oh no. Tick. Oh crap. Tick. Noooo...

HOT Watch

How exactly is this different from the array of smartwatches we've seen, you ask? Well, the HOT watch packs motion-sensing tech - you lift your hand up to your ear to answer a call, reject a call by shaking your wrist, or end a call by waving goodbye. Yes, that HOT in its name isn’t about tooting its horn, it stands for Hands On Talk, which links the idea of talking to hands, kind of.

It also comes in four different versions to fend off the fashion police.

You will also be able to reply messages and read the news directly on its E-Paper display but how effective that will on a little screen still remains to be seen. Its Kickstarter campaign has had four times its asking amount pledged so it's only a matter of time before we see people gesturing wildly at no one in particular. Watch its founders attempt to explain the idea


Fingerprints are so two weeks ago. We’re all about the harder-to-steal heartbeat now.

The Nymi swaps passwords for your own ticker code. All you have to do is strap it onto your wrist, verify it with your other hand and it will automatically unlock your password-authenticated devices nearby till you remove it from your wrist.

Imagine having your laptop blink to life when you sit down, and your television pick up where you left off by just pointing at it. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. 

Aside from the fact that it’s mostly uninspired plastic, we’re liking how almighty it will make us feel. Bow before our might, puny gadgets!

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