5 pieces of gear you'll need to survive Laneway Singapore

4. Hydration packs: Don't let dehydration ruin your fun

All that walking and standing in the hot sun (especially in the open spaces of the Meadow) is bound to leave you gasping. Don't snuff it - keep hydrated with High Sierra’s Wave 70 Hydration Pack (S$122, pictured above) and Camelbak Charge LR Hydration Pack (S$233). They’ll help store all the other stuff that you’re taking along, too.

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5. Hardy smartphone cases: Keeping your "precious" in one piece

If you really can’t keep your smartphone in your pocket then at least keep it well protected. A good hardy case will keep it from any dents while you’re moshing out. Lifeproof has a good selection of tough cases for not only the iPhone variety but the Galaxy S5 as well. Its nuud (S$129) and fre (S$109) cases will not only protect your precious smartphone from shocks, water and dirt, but even snow too (which is pretty useless here in sunny Singpoare). So get them and get your smartphone protected here

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