5 beery good apps to replace your booze buddy

Whether you’re heading to Beerfest Asia 2014 or not, you’ll need these apps

Even if you haven’t got your tickets to Beerfest Asia 2014, these apps will prove good company for your regular beer-drinking adventures if your mates can’t come along for the ride.

Untappd (S$free)

Just think of this friendly app as Facebook for beer drinkers. It not just allows you to discover new brews, it also enables you to discover new watering holes. Keep a record of the beers that have passed your lips by posting reviews and ratings. Only for serious beer drinkers and available across all platforms, hooray!

Replaces: That social butterfly friend of yours. But in this case, it’s fine because this is information that you want to know.

Get Untappd on iOS / Android / Windows / Blackberry

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