49 achievements Singapore and Singaporeans can be proud of - Part 2

The record-breaking Singapore Sports Hub is just one of many things Stuff, Mothership and you should be proud of on National Day

Obviously, Stuff and Mothership are pretty excited about watching fireworks celebrating National Day. Why else would we do a listilcle of 49 achievements that put Singapore on the map?

In the second part of our list, you'll find the recently opened Singapore Sports Hub among the things that make you feel home, truly.

But let's not spoil the surprise, start scrolling and digest the remaining 25 achievements.

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Happy Birthday Singapore, from Stuff and Mothership

OneSafe app

Onesafe is a password manager app for your iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Mac devices that generates virtually unhackable passwords for all the sites you use. That means if one day you surf a naughty website and it gets compromised, you won't lose more than your personal happy-time. Just be sure to remember your Onesafe account details.


Our local answer to Tinder, Paktor is a great app for Singaporeans who aren't too good at social interactions or rejections. At least you know the people on the app are looking for the same thing as you - that's half the battle won.

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Getting stamps or chops on physical loyalty cards is so 2010. We always forget to bring them out and end up having three cards from the same store anyway, leading to a never-ending cycle of frustration of 10 bubble teas with zero free gifts. Perx is much easier, doing everything digitally with a quick scan to consolidate everything on your mobile device.


Your waist, unfortunately, is in trouble. How can you say no to our nation’s favourite hobby - food hunting. Fact is, you can never get sick of those gloriously mouth-watering food photos. Picky has loads of that, and even recommendations for the best local food fare.


Instagram for sports nuts. That’s all you need to know about PiPsports. Whether you’re an EPL, F1, NFL or any other sports fan, you can start following your favourite teams and share your thoughts about last night’s game with fellow fans.

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