49 achievements Singapore and Singaporeans can be proud of - Part 1

This National Day, Stuff and Mothership take a look at the gems that put Singapore on the global map

Singapore is a fine city. We really mean it, we’re not referring to the monetary kind of fine. And our friends at Mothership concur too.

We figured there’s a whole lot of achievements made by Singapore that you’re not aware of. To celebrate Singapore’s 49th birthday, Stuff and Mothership have compiled 49 achievements that you, as a Singaporean, can be proud of.

So sit back, relax and perhaps be surprised at some of the names that appear in part one of our list.

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Happy Birthday Singapore, from Stuff and Mothership


At the risk of looking like a crazed person on the MRT, 2Fuse is a game that tests your reaction as you match similar icons within 60 seconds. Earning boosts along the way will help, but you’ll still need amazing reflexes to get the best score.

8 Days Eat

It's 8 Days given for free, packaged in an app but minus the gossips of Mediacorp artistes. It carries food reviews and features and bears a similar pink hue to a food app Burpple.

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Before the world heard of Aftershock, gamers looking for suitable laptops had limited choices and most gaming-spec laptops were priced out of their reach. Aftershock is a breath of fresh air for those looking to customise laptops for their gaming needs at an attractive price point.


Invented to make things less awkward between friends. BillPin helps split bills and track group expenses amongst friends. Now there's no running away, recalcitrant freeloaders.

Brave Frontier

Believe it, this addictive game is made in Singapore. Gamers who grew up with the staple Japanese RPGs will love the similar design and gameplay in this mobile game. Quick disclaimer: we’re not responsible for the damage this game inflicts on your social life.

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