25 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games

For the champions of the underdogs, here's your reward for your unwavering faith in Microsoft’s mobile platform

The great thing about free games is that they're free. But then the terrible thing about free games is they're often terrible. But then the other great thing about free games is that you can rely on Stuff to try them out for you.

We've done exactly that with Windows Phone games, wading through the murkiest depths of the Windows Phone Store in search of gaming pearls. And as luck would have it, we've found 25 worthy of Stuff recommendation. So here they are.

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Age Of Empires: Castle Siege

The classic Microsoft real-time strategy franchise is reborn on Windows Phone as a city-building affair with combat elements – in other words, it's essentially a Clash of Clans-alike. Despite the obvious influence (and move away from the source formula), it's a solid historical strategy affair meant to fill spare moments in your day as you advance your civilization, battle foes, and hopefully spend no real money.

Download Age Of Empires: Castle Siege here

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