25 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games

For the champions of the underdogs, here's your reward for your unwavering faith in Microsoft’s mobile platform

There’s no free lunch. But there are plenty of free games to go around.

Surprisingly, there are great smartphone games that don’t cost you a single cent, just your precious monthly data from your stingy telco. Instead of the usual iOS or Android fare, we figured it’s time to recognise the underdog in the mobile OS war - Windows Phone.

Go on, have a smashing good time with these 25 puzzle, role-playing, and action games, some of which might tug at your heartstrings for its nostalgic value.

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Angry Birds Go!

The fine-feathered birds have traded their slingshots for adrenaline-filled race karts and courses. This Mario Kart lookalike has lusciously colourful race tracks and power-ups to make the bad piggies eat dirt and knock them off course. Watch out for those darn obstacles, you don’t want to blow up your birds and end up with fried chicken.

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