23 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery on iOS 8

Leaving sharing tools on all the time

Are you sharing files over AirDrop and Bluetooth 24/7? Didn’t think so, so why is there the need to keep both these features on and needlessly drinking from your iPhone’s juicebox all the time?

Do this instead: Deactivate AirDrop and Bluetooth by swiping up on your phone to bring up the Control Centre and making sure the Bluetooth and AirDrop symbols are not highlighted anymore.

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Sending daily feedback to Apple

Yes, doing this helps Apple churn out timely updates for smoother working systems, but at the expense of your battery life because your iPhone is sending daily usage reports back to Apple HQ. That’s fine and dandy when your iPhone is fully charged. But if it’s on the brink of flatlining on you, be less philanthropic.

Do this instead: You can disable reporting by going to SettingsGeneralAboutDiagnostics and Usage to activate Don’t Send mode. Feel free to switch it back to Automatically Send when you have more battery life to spare.

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