18 ways you're unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

Right the battery sins you've been committing unwittingly, slide to unlock these settings to save your iPhone's battery life

The iPhone 5S and 5C were designed to offer up to 10 hours of usage with iOS 7 handling power consumption in an intelligent way. And if it doesn't, it means you might have your settings all jacked up.   

Within your iPhone dwells settings designed to give you the controls to decide how exactly your phone works. By the time you've made your way to the end of this article, tweaked the settings and right the 18 wrongs you've made on your iPhone without incapacitating it, you'll be surprised at how long its battery can last.

You know what they say, every little bit goes a long way.

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Going crazy on notifications

It’s nice having your phone vibrate like you’re the most popular person in the world: achievement unlocked on a game, new messages on Facebook, a new Tinder match... but it’s best to keep notifications to whatever’s necessary, otherwise it's just a waste of battery to hear from your camera app that new filters are available for purchase.

Do this instead: Go to Settings, Notifications Centre, and then Customisations and have a field day disabling all the apps you don’t wish to hear from. You’d be surprised at how many you’ve unwittingly enabled.

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Closing apps

You didn’t read us wrong. Closing apps can actually make your battery life worse as iOS 7 has been designed to intelligently handle apps that are in the background. On the flipside, every time you load an app from scratch, it drinks up more battery life than if you were to wake a sleeping app up.

Do this instead: Keep your apps running unless you know it’s something you won’t be using in a long while. If you keep on returning to WhatsApp, it might be worth your while to keep it sleeping in the background.

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