100 Best Gadgets Ever: Little Green Robots vs The World

From the first great Android phone to the iPad, this three-year period is packed with some of the most iconic gadgets and apps of the modern age

As our rundown drifts into the last years of the noughties and into the beginning of the 21st century's second decade, things are starting to hot up: life-changing apps, laptops thin enough to fit in a manila envelope, drones, the first tablet computer that wasn't a total embarrassment and a smartphone platform capable of competing with Apple's iOS.

Dropbox (2008)

How did we live before Dropbox whisked us upto the cloud? A free service that allows you to share files across your PC, laptop, phone, tablet or pretty much anything that connects to the internet, it was the first real cloud storage service and a godsend for travellers who needed 24/7 access to their vital documents – or just that hilarious snap of Uncle Keith asleep on the toilet.

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