10 sci-fi Vimeo short films we wish were longer

9) Archetype

RL-7 is a military machine that shows signs of developing a conscience mid-battle and is thus interrogated about his malfunction. But is it as simple as that or is there more to these war machines? The short has been picked up by John Davis who produced I, Robot so expect some quality futuristic action when these machines duke it out in a full-length feature.

Killer tech cameo in Archetype Short

RL-7 who can very easily blast humans to smithereens, but chooses not to. Humans, take note.

10) Lucky Day Forever

At the centre of this Polish animated short is the Great Lottery which transforms lottery winners into upgraded versions of themselves. Great animation and an atmospheric soundtrack makes this one to watch even without the special effects. Careful now, this might really be the future if we’re unlucky.

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Killer tech cameo in Lucky Day Forever

The machine that turns ordinary individuals into extraordinary statistics. Plus, painless plastic surgery for the future. What conniving wizardry is this?!

BONUS FILM: The Candidate

There are no hi-tech machines in this short but its pace and tightly-crafted script will keep you hooked till the end. Burton Grunzer is a disgruntled suit unhappy with his work life, but when a secret society offers him assistance, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. We will be seeing more of director David Karlak’s mind magic as his sci-fi project Rise is currently being developed at Warner Bros.

Killer tech cameo from The Candidate

None, but Trekkies can expect a surprise in the middle. Oh, did we spoil it for you?

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