10 sci-fi Vimeo short films we wish were longer

3) Blinky

Looking forward to the day robot helpers go mainstream? Preview it here when a troubled family adds a robot playmate into the household count. After this short, we bet you won’t look at your Roomba in the same way again.

Killer tech cameo in Blinky

Blinky, of course. "Hi, my name is Blinky and I just want to be your friend!" Not. Creepy. At. All.

4) PostHuman

Terence is a hacker helping escaped test subject Kali rescue her captured lab mate. Packed with hyper-stylised action, PostHuman is an animation dripping in intense images with some nudity, so try not to watch this at work. Features the voice of Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica.

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Killer tech cameo in PostHuman

That amazing spy-insect drone that downloads data through wires in its butt.  Our secrets will be in trouble when they start mass-producing these guys.

5) From the Future with Love

Set in 2095, this political thriller gives us a glimpse into a society policed by privatised sell-out squads that will only protect you as far as your protection plan (basic, silver, premium) goes. What happens when a person’s right to protection becomes an issue of dollars and cents? There are some developments happening soon so watch their Facebook page for more. This might be the robo-cop movie we’ve been waiting for.

Killer tech cameo in From the Future with Love

More than those pimped out robo-cop suits with facial recognition software to pull up victim profiles, we crave that very practical interactive smart table. You mean a burger at the diner will cost us US$63 in the future? 

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