The 10 most influential games IN RECORDED HISTORY

7. SimCity (1989)

This Amiga classic introduced the city-management concept, with responsibility for the mundane elements of life as well as the exciting bits. You built things instead of blowing them up, devoting days to making your city the best and keeping its inhabitants happy. Then you forgot about water or overpopulation, and watched it blow itself up.  

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6. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

The franchise that has kept Nintendo hardware selling for the last 30 years, Mario has proven to be timeless. This one had it all – massive world maps, a tough challenge, bonkers bosses and the classic music that Nintendo still remixes now.

5. Pong (1972)

One of the first recognisable video games, Pong had it all: simple rules, competitive multiplayer and endless appeal. It had a second coming in the late 1970s, when a forgotten wave of wood-edged home consoles brought the arcade game into similarly pine-coated living rooms.

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