10 of the most awesome movie homes you'd want to live in

6. The Kane estate from Citizen Kane

This is the home you want if you never ever want to leave it. Built in the Gothic style and located on a sprawling hilltop Florida estate, Charles Foster Kane's palatial wonder has everything one needs. Golf course? Check. Private zoo? Check. Is that a Venetian Canal we see? No wonder he never leaves the place.

7. Patrick Bateman's 1980's Manhattan apartment from American Psycho

Who'd have thought anything in the 80s was of good taste? Patrick Bateman's apartment was at least. Located in the prestigious American Gardens Building on Manhattan's West 81st Street, this apartment reeks of restrained good taste with white-and-stainless-steel finish and a good load of brand named home furnishings. Try not to check the back of the fridge though. You might be surprised at what you'll find.

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8. The lake house from The Lake House (Duh)

A home made out of mostly glass is a bit ridiculous. Just imagine the heating bill you'll get. Still, this glass and steel concoction by British architect Nathan Crowley makes up for it with its stunning view of Lake Michigan. Too bad they tore it down right after filming was done. Well no one would have been able to handle the heating bills anyway.

9. Bill Murray's mansion from Zombieland

So which celebrity's pad would you hole yourself up in if there were ever a Zombie apocalypse? We figured Bill Murray's palatial digs in Zombieland would be perfect. It has a ludicrously opulent kitchen, a home cinema and a shamelessly gaudy dining room, complete with Ghostbuster-reference chandelier. It's not really Bill Murray's though but a property developer's.

10. Tony Stark's cliffside modernist mansion from Iron Man 3

Only a massive egotist like Tony Stark would build this extravagant cliffside home in the National Park of Point Dume. With design flourishes including a cantilevered concrete staircase and a glass waterfall, it already looks really good if somewhat impersonal. Get underneath it though and that's where the magic happens. What's not too like when you've got a garage full of the finest cars and a workshop of the most advanced armours. Too bad it's all been literally shot too hell. 

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