10 Marvel comics that should be made into live-action movies

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy have struck movie gold, and so should these titles if they become live-action movies

Word on the street is that Guardians of the Galaxy is good. Like, really good. So it seems to be a great start for the latest chapter in Marvel’s cinematic legacy.

But when they announced the movie a few years back many voices were united in asking, “who?”. Even amongst comics fans, the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t particularly well known or well-liked (calm down comics nerds, we meant the average fan). And with the studio releasing Ant-Man next year, we can’t help but wonder if they’re scraping the bottom of their creative barrel for some blockbuster-worthy material.

Well, listen up Marvel! Stuff.tv is here to save your day. Here are 10 comics that should be made into full length feature films. Don’t need to thank us. A lifelong supply of pizzas will do.


Fan favourite Deadpool has had a tough-time. Ever since the fiasco of Wolverine: Origins, fans have been picketing and petitioning Marvel for a proper Deadpool movie, with Ryan Reynolds as the motormouth. Some test footage has been leaked at this year’s San Diego Comic Convention, but it’s CGI stuff - not much better than what they do for video-game cutscenes these days.

Deadpool deserves at least one completely insane outing on the silver screen - he’s already trolled the whole of the Marvel Universe! And even if it flops, at least fans will finally get over Baraka-pool. Ugh.

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