10 luxury items to make your mancave rival Tony Stark’s

Proceed with caution - extreme envy and uncontrollable drooling to be expected

Hands up, those who lusted after Tony Stark’s digs as much as you did his suits in the Iron Man movies.

We know we did. And since you can’t buy his house even if you wanted to, the next best thing is to of course deck it out in a similar industrial-chic fashion. And here are 10 items for you to drool over. You know what to save that red packet money for now.

Image: Locoboy

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Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat

Barstools may not be the most comfortable seats to park your butt on, but when they look as cool as these, discomfort is justified. The Hangar 54 guys plucked ejector seats from decommissioned RAF Panavia Tornados, wrapped them in soft new leather, and shined them up into barstools that every man’s bar deserves.

Cost: US$13,400 (S$17,115). It's vintage and no one's died in them...we think.

Image: Hangar 54

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