Slide to unlock: 10 iPhone shortcuts to make your life easier

Get more done on your iPhone in less time

We all spend heaps of time on our iPhones, and probably think that we know all there is to know about our phones by now. But you’re wrong.

Tucked within the recesses of the iOS intelligence are yet more ways that you never knew you could use your phone. For significant time-saving moves, read on.

Shake to untype

Situation: Say you’ve just typed a really long sentence but had a sudden change of heart and want to go with something else. You’d think the only way to erase what you just typed is to repeatedly tap the backspace key or tap and hold it, right? Wrong. There’s another way to undo what you just typed.

Solution: To undo what you just typed, all you have to is shake your phone and the undo prompt will pop up. Have another change of heart and want to redo what you just undid? Just shake your phone again and the redo prompt will pop up to restore your text. This shortcut works across all typing apps, so happy shaking, you fickle typer. 

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