10 futuristic cities you'd want to live in

Dubai, UAE

To many, Dubai is the definitive city of the future. It's a city constructed by and dedicated to the opulence of the oil-rich UAE. It houses the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper and the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel. Heck, they’ve even got their own version of Disneyland - aptly named Dubailand.

And these are just a few achievements of a city that simply sprung out of what was previously a non-descript desert plain within the last 40 years. Sure, they struck it rich with fossil fuels, but nowadays Dubai makes its money through construction and real estate, financial services and tourism. A smart move given that its oil reserves are projected to run out about two decades down the road.

In many ways, Dubai is the most futuristic city we have now, like a futurist’s fever dream come to fruition. Any sort of impossible-sounding building concept seems like a mere challenge for the city - which the city then proceeds to throw money at until it becomes a reality. Reclaiming man-made islands in a shape of a palm-tree? Check. Building an indoor ski-resort in the middle of a scorching desert? Said and done.

Future mind-bogglingly extravagant projects include the Mall of The World - a gigantic temperature-controlled city, which boasts the largest indoor theme-park in the world as well as the largest mall in the world along with 7km of temperature controlled streets to beat the desert heat. 

Best case for living: The proof is in the pudding - Dubai can make all your dreams come true. We just hope that the high standards of living don't come with astronomical costs.

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