10 futuristic cities you'd want to live in

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ah, the Danish. Not simply content to have a tasty pastry named after them, they also have some wild ideas when it comes to curating their cities.

Copenhagen aims to be the first carbon-neutral capital city of the world by 2025. And not just by paying money to offset their carbon emissions - they actually aim to have zero carbon emissions; a lofty ambition that the rest of the world considers the urban-planning equivalent of an episode of the Looney Tunes.

But incredibly, they’ve actually made some progress. In the last decade, they’ve managed to reduce their CO2 emissions by 20%. An intimidating row of wind turbines line the harbour of the city, generating emission-free electricity. The city’s commuters travel largely by bicycle, which they can also bring on to their trains (which are apparently carbon-neutral). There’s a hotel that saves up to 90% on electricity by using underground water to regulate temperatures in its building. They’ve even got carbon-neutral beer breweries.

Best case for living: Fresh air is severely underrated. Our lungs sure could use a break from breathing in the smog that comes with city living.

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