10 of the best Stuff Singapore covers we've ever shot

Feast your eyes on the most awesome mag covers to be shot in Singapore

We've been around the block a bit here in Singapore and with 50 issues out, we've done our fair share of local shoots. Want to know what the final product is going to be like for the winner of the Stuff Cover Girl Search 2014? Take a peek at 10 of the best covers we've ever shot. Go on, we know you're curious.

July 2010: Guitar Hero

We went pretty risque with this one. An unbuttoned blouse and a guitar? It's a wonder anyone paid attention to the other things on the cover.

November 2010: Going all Luxe

What's better than having a Mercedes on the cover? It's a Mercedes SLS with gull-wing doors! Throw in one of our prettiest cover girls in a fur coat and you've got one pretty good looking cover. 

May 2011: All lovely in lace

We might have had our minds on something else when we did this shoot, but it didn't seem to affect May 2011's cover girl. It must've been pretty cold for her though. 

June 2011: What a onesy

A bit too skimpy? Possibly. And while we're looking to move away from too much skin on our covers, there's something about the length of that surfboard we just love. 

July 2011: The big, bad bike

Check out the wheels on that baby. We're talking about the bike, you dirty old coot. We do admit that July 2011's cover girl does look good stradling it though, and the steel background was just perfect. 

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September 2011: Speed demon

Now how often does one get to pose with a mean speed machine like Red Bull's F1 car? Not often, we reckon, which must explain why September 2011's cover girl needed to "cool" off. 

March 2012: Time to hit the club

Club setting? Check. Hot Taiwanese-Japanese star? Check. Now how does the lovely Makiyo hold on to that monster of a DSLR with just one hand?!

March 2013: Boating bonanaza

The lovely Dawn Yang might not be a stranger to our mag's cover but we couldn't help shooting her again. And when you have a yacht on hand as a prop, how can you not want to shoot her out at sea?

January 2014: Simple elegance

We might be a bit biased, but as simple as the cover shot for our relaunch issue was, it's definitely elegant. 

March 2014: Time to wear your tech

How can you not pair fitness junkie and all round hottie, Fay Hokulani, with an issue about smart wearables? It's simple we admit, but hey, we just can't stop staring at that Google Glass she has on.

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