The 10 best, most normal snow games

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009)

Another snowbound level here, in this case the Heart of Ice stage from Nathan Drake's superb second adventure. Granted, the snow was window dressing, but that’s some window. Clambering around monumentally huge environs is what Uncharted is all about, and Heart Of Ice is about as monumental as it gets.

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3. Sega Ski Super G (1996)

One of the best ski simulators to ever grace the arcades (not that there have been many), Super G’s motion-control interface was ahead of its time. Pop your feet into the skis, grab the poles, and you could carve your way down the slopes in what ended up being quite a demanding workout. It's rare to see a Super G machine these days, but keep an eye out for it in dusty coin-op halls (also keep an eye out for stray dogs and effeminate men).

2. SSX (2000)

While the N64 may have ruled the snowboarding roost for a few years with 1080°, by the turn of the millenium there was nothing more correct and proper that two men could do than to turn off the phone, turn up the heating and take to the sofa for a three-hour SSX session. Developed by EA Canada, which has its offices in the shadow of legendary ski resort Whistler, it was fast, fun, and often hilariously unrealistic, and the series has stayed strong for another five titles.  

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