September issue out now!

The September issue of Stuff is out now – and you don’t need a next-gen virtual reality headset to read it, just a current-gen pair of eyeballs

You know how the saying goes. You wait for one next big thing to come along and then three turn up all at once – and we’ve got the full trio in the September issue of Stuff, on sale now.

Leading the way is arguably the most exciting pair of technolohats Stuff has worn since the solar-powered stetson and the bluetooth beret – Sony’s Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift. We’ve scoured the planet for VR’s boundary pushers, from the Icelandic games developers using your head movement to tell stories, to California’s immersive movie makers and motion capturers. This time virtual reality is definitely here to stay.

Then there’s the first test of LG’s Android Wear debut, the G Watch. Running Google’s wrist-friendly OS the G Watch looks like the first serious contender to the Pebble’s smartwatch crown. But does it live up to expectations? And does it make talking to your sleeves any less embarrassing? We find out.

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Then there’s the double whammy of the new breed of Chinese superphones – here to take on Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple in the fight for smartphone supremacy. We pit the Oppo Find 7 against the OnePlus One. Do the stonking spec sheets lead to equally stonking smartphones? Or is it a case of all quad-core mouth and no usability trousers?

And there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ve also found your next pair of trainers, discovered how to homebrew beer, picked five photography setups for everything from macro to night skies and interviewed Elon Musk – the chap behind Tesla and Spacex.

Well what are you waiting for? Scoot off down to your local newsagent, swivel your browser in the direction of, or point your iPad at Apple’s Newsstand and we’ll begin.

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