Ricoh reviews

Ricoh CX5

4 stars
Small camera, big zoom – but what does the Ricoh offer that rivals don't? A speedy new autofocus, that's what

Ricoh CX3

4 stars
Ricoh’s latest compact packs a new sensor promising low-light loveliness. Is it the ultimate ‘night out’ compact?

Ricoh GXR

4 stars
Forget just changing lenses – the GXR is all about changing the whole lens-and-sensor combo, making this a camera for all seasons. But is it a gimmick too far?

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Ricoh Caplio R7

4 stars
Ricoh may not be one of the big camera names, but when it comes to small snappers it offers excellent value for money. Can this 8MP live up to this pedigree?
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