Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse

Based on the Ariel Atom, this carbon fibre creation will take you from 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds

Why wrap an Ariel Atom in carbon fibre? Isn't it supposed to be a lightweight track car? 
True, but it's hardly practical for the road. The Rezvani Beast isn't much more practical, if truth be told (there's no boot, for one thing), but that bodywork does make it look a bit more road-friendly. 

So it's just a body kit, then?
Nope – that shell has a purpose, too. It's sculpted to increase downforce, while the wide front end minimises friction. And since it's carbon fibre, the weight gain is pretty minimal; the 2.0l Beast 300 weighs 667kg, 117kg than the Atom 3.5r, while the more 2.4l Beast 500 weighs in at 703kg. As with the Atom, you can add a windscreen or catch bugs in your teeth, according to taste.

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Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse -  2Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse -  3Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse -  4

What's under the hood, now that there is a hood?
The 2.0l Beast 300 pumps out 311bhp, with a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds, while the 2.4l supercharged V8 in the Beast 500 generates 493bhp, and will get you from 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds. Both versions of the car, unsurprisingly, feature the rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission found on the Atom.

Nice renders; what's it look like in the flesh?
Ah, therein lies the question. Rezvani Motors claims that there's no "running, driving prototype" at the moment, and that it's pouring all of its resources into production methods rather than a show car. Given that company founder Ferris Rezvani's previous effort, the Lotus Evora-based Bulleta, failed to materialise, we'd suggest waiting for the car to appear in the flesh before putting your money down for one.

Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse -  2Rezvani Beast is an Atom-charged powerhouse -  3

So how do I get my hands on one?
The Beast's being built to order by Rezvani Motors; a new 300 will set you back from US$119,000, while a 500 will cost from US$139,000, depending on options. You can also upgrade your existing 2.0l or 2.4l Atom for US$49,000 or US$69,000 respectively.

[Source: Auto Express]

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