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05 November 2016 / 8:00GMT

App of the week: PinOut! review

Barrel along a neon corridor, with only the power of being smacked by pinball flippers to hurl you onwards
03 November 2016 / 10:00GMT

B&W P7 Wireless review

A beloved pair of high-end cans gets its cables clipped – but retains its stunning performance
02 November 2016 / 10:56GMT

Xiaomi Mi Max review

Not all good things come in small packages - some come in flippin' big ones too
31 October 2016 / 17:04GMT

Anki Overdrive review

UPDATE: Keep on Truckin' - This smartphone-controlled car-racing game will get you in a spin
30 October 2016 / 8:00GMT

Fitbit Charge 2 review

An all-rounder activity tracker that wants to take charge of your healthy lifestyle