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16 April 2015 / 16:43BST

Apple iPhone 7 preview

UPDATE: The iPhone 7 will be made out of the same fancy aluminium as the Apple Watch
14 April 2015 / 17:28BST

Lytro Illum review

Meet the insane sci-fi camera that never takes an out-of-focus shot
14 April 2015 / 15:00BST

Guitar Hero Live hands-on preview

The worst-kept secret in gaming just became fact with the announcement of new Guitar Hero - and we’ve played it
12 April 2015 / 14:36BST

Battlefield Hardline review

The Battlefield team takes a break from the frontline and switches the fight to the streets, in a cops ‘n’...
10 April 2015 / 17:16BST

Sony Xperia Z4 preview

Update: A wild pic purporting to show the Xperia Z4 pops up on Facebook
10 April 2015 / 12:00BST

Apple Watch review

The Apple Watch isn't the first smartwatch, but it is the best smartwatch
07 April 2015 / 12:16BST

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt preview

With the gore, nudity and fantastic gameplay still very much intact, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt builds on the success...
05 April 2015 / 14:55BST

Google Nexus Player review

Android TV has landed, but this is far from the smoothest of arrivals