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19 February 2013 / 21:19GMT

HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

Dive for cover: the mighty HTC One is taking on Stuff's current favourite, the Sony Xperia Z
19 February 2013 / 17:02GMT

HTC One vs BlackBerry Z10

Thinking about diving into the new Blackberry Z10? The HTC One has other ideas
19 February 2013 / 16:49GMT

HTC One hands-on review

You've probably read all about its muscular specs by now, but what's the HTC One like in the flesh?...
19 February 2013 / 14:57GMT

HTC One launch live blog

We're at the launch of HTC's new flagship phone – but what goodies will it have crammed into its shell?...
24 November 2011 / 17:32GMT

Pure Music hands-on

Can this half price offering take down Spotify? We go ears-on via iPhone, desktop and a Pure ONE Flow radio