Pure Digital Sonus-1XT

4 stars
In many ways, this Pure blends into a pack of competitors. Sound and looks are kind of standard. But then the Sonus starts answering back…

Pure Digital One

5 stars
If anyone can prove portable DAB radio can be cheap and cheerful, Pure Digital can. And have, in fact

Pure Digital Evoke-3

5 stars
If it’s features you crave in a DAB radio, the Evoke-3 should be heading your shopping list. Yes, even ahead of food

Pure Digital DMX-60

4 stars
Famous purveyor of portable DAB, Pure finds itself up against the likes of Onkyo, Denon and Teac in the competitive quality micro system market How does it fare?

Pure Digital Legato II

3 stars
The Legato II offers some of the finest digital radio features around, but does the rest of this micro hi-fi match up?

Pure Digital Oasis

4 stars
The Pure Digital Oasis handles more than 400 stations, is water resistant and comes with a ChargePak 15-hour rechargeable battery
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