Projectors reviews

SIM2 HT5000

5 stars
The HT5000 delivers the most staggering picture quality we’ve seen in a projector. Don’t look at the price – look at the pretty picture…


5 stars
OK, so the JVC DLA-HD1 is no looker – but under that blandly styled exterior lurks a real beast of a performer

SIM2 C3X Link

5 stars
Home cinema kit doesn’t normally cost the same as a four-door saloon. But then, the C3X Link isn’t a normal projector…

Themescene HD81

5 stars
The HD81 has the projector world in a frenzy. But can it deliver on its promise of full-fat hi-def DLP for what, by home cinema standards, is a pretty reasonable price?

InFocus IN78

5 stars
Approach the InFocus IN78 with caution. It may look harmless but despite its dinky dimensions and glossy black finish what we might have here is the giant-killer of the home projector world.

Meridian D-ILA

5 stars
Hmm, a digital projector that costs more than the combined outlay required to bring up a child. Looks like that family tree will have to wait…
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