Projectors reviews

BenQ W9000

3 stars
BenQ's running with the big boys with this Full HD-toting DLP projector, but will its turbo-charged spec list and relatively low cost keep it in the race?

InFocus IN76

5 stars
InFocus’ old-timer still takes some beating for sheer value – it’s a great hi-def projector at an eye-popping price

SIM2 HT380

5 stars
The latest and most powerful model in SIM2’s gorgeous HT range of projectors is a genuine stunner

SIM2 HT3000E

5 stars
The latest and greatest single-chip DLP projector from SIM2, the Full HD HT3000E is a work of art in every sense

InFocus IN82

5 stars
InFocus has returned with a scintillating Full HD projector, which looks set to give many pricier projectors a major scare

Sanyo PLV-Z5

4 stars
Sanyo's 3LCD projector may look more plasticky than the contents of a gimp shop, but it's got hi-def cred in spades and a bargain price
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