UK PS4 players to get a rubbish deal on game downloads

UK gamers will have to fork out as much as £26 more than their US counterparts for digital versions of games

In my review of the PlayStation 4 I noted that digital download versions of all the big games are the same price on the US PS Store as the discs are on That price is $60, which today translates to £36.98.

Now those of us lucky enough to get PS4 hardware early have access to the UK version of the Store, and we've had a nasty shock. Every game on there is way more expensive than both the US download and's disc price.

The full breakdown

  • Killzone Shadow Fall - $60 on US Store - £48 - £53 UK Store
  • Call of Duty Ghosts - $60 on US Store - £48 - £55 UK Store
  • FIFA 14 - $60 on US Store - £47 - £63 UK Store
  • Battlefield 4 - $60 on US Store - £47 - £63 UK Store
  • Need for Speed Rivals - $60 on US Store - £45 - £63 UK Store
  • Knack - $60 on US Store - £47 - £53 UK Store
  • NBA 2K14 - $60 on US Store - £55 - £63 UK Store
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $60 on US Store - £50 - £53 UK Store
  • Assassin's Creed IV - $60 on US Store - £48 - £58 UK Store

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Unfair on UK gamers

It's always seemed like utter madness that digital download editions of games should cost more than physical copies, and it seems completely bonkers and entirely unfair that this situation appears to have been sorted in the US while UK gamers appear to remain on course for a fleecing. We've contacted Sony for comment and will report back.

A cheeky workaround

In the meatime there is a bit of a workaround. It's possible to create a US PSN account with almost no effort, and while you can't use a UK credit card to pay for purchases on that account, you can buy PlayStation Network pre-paid cards from a number of online shops, many of which will instantly email you a redemption code. Most charge a small fee for the service, but we were able to get $60 of credit on our account for a total of £42.52 - a good deal less than the UK PS Store and price. That $60 can then be used to buy a game on the US Store, and once downloaded it's playable by anyone using that console.


Really wish people had boycotted the massive online prices. Charging more for digital content that can take ages to download and cannot be traded in plus you either have it clogging up your hard drive or you have to delete it and download again .. what is the appeal? What are the costs involved compared to producing hard copies of discs and distributing them - surely it can't cost more to sell a download? 

wow what a shock. uk getting shafted again. this is same as always and does not surprise me, things will never change. just a rip off britain in full swing.

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