Apply pixels directly to brain: PS4 virtual reality headset incoming

Sony's upcoming headgear will pump next-gen games directly into your eyeballs

Sony looks set to release a virtual reality headset for the PS4, bringing the joys of eyeball-to-screen gaming to its latest superconsole.

According to Tech Radar's source, the quality and resolution of the headset is "really, really good". Sounds good to us.

Sony will reportedly reveal the headset at GDC 2014, which will take place in San Francisco on 17 March.

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The Japanese tech giant is expected to reveal a selection of VR games at E3 later this year, so GDC will be an ideal stage to kick off the hype in the run up to the biggest gaming event of the year.

Sony has already delved into the world of head-mounted displays before. Remember the Personal 3D viewer (pictured above)? It's got twin full HD OLED screens with 5.1 virtual surround sound, but it doesn't offer any head tracking magic. It also costs a wallet-busting £1,300. Ouch.

We can't see the rumoured PS4 VR headset costing even half has much, unless Sony actively wants to alienate 99 percent of PS4 owners, which we doubt it does.

The Oculus Rift has already blown our minds on various occasions, and its Crystal Cove prototype is the best piece of tech we've ever strapped onto our faces.

We've heard no peep from Microsoft with regards to Virtual Reality hardware, who has instead focused on alternative gaming experiences by bundling the Xbox One console with Kinect.

If Sony does reveal a VR headset next month however, then we'd bet our entire games collection that Microsoft's secret labs will be gearing up for a VR device of their very own. If they haven't started already that is.

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